The Landwaster

a Viking saga of Harald Hardraada

Scraeling book 1

This is the first of The Scraeling’s chronicles; the story of a crippled child taken as a trophy, and of his long journey to adulthood and a terrible revenge for the slaughtered nuns who raised him.

Through his learning, his cunning and his intelligence, the cripple earns the title of ‘the most dangerous little bugger alive’ from Harald Hardraada, the band’s leader and a byword for ruthless cruelty.

But even the terrible Landwaster doesn’t know how right he is, for The Scraeling has a purpose in becoming indispensable to the most rapacious band of pagans who ever walked the earth to the embarrassment of its Creator. That purpose is nothing less than ending the viking scourge upon the world.

It’s no secret that Harald Hardraada died outside York at the hand of one of the three warriors who contended for the English throne in 1066, but The Scraeling’s part in that has certainly been overlooked by history. Until now . . .

What the reviewers said

“History is a passion, as is reading, and the two coming together to form a well-researched story is something I lose myself in. ‘The Landwaster’ does just that. The story has the depth that only passion can bring.”