Welcome to my site in homage to Clio, Muse of History and daughter of Zeus and Mnesomyne, goddess of memory.

It’s the function of a Muse to inspire creativity, and I cheerfully acknowledge Clio’s influence in my writing of historical FACTION, or historical fiction based upon fact.

Fact, as they say, is often stronger than fiction, because people—strong, weak, ordinary, extraordinary and just plain peculiar—are at the centre of history's events, and its stories need to reflect that if the stories are to be credible. So, I tell the stories that Clio has recorded. How well I’ve done it is a matter for you, and I look forward to hearing from you, as and when the Muse moves you!

However, enough about me, because I'm on the Author page anyway, and I consider my stories to be far more interesting than I am, but welcome again.