The Chronicles Trilogy

'The Landwaster' is the story of The Scraeling’s long journey to adulthood and his long-planned and terrible revenge for the murdered nuns who raised him. It’s no secret that the Viking Age died at the hand of Harold Godwinsson, the last Saxon king of England, outside the city of York in 1066,  but The Scraeling’s part in that has certainly been overlooked by history.
Until now . . .
Flaxroots Press said: “History is a passion, as is reading, and the two coming together to form a well-researched story is something I lose myself in. ‘The Landwaster’ does just that. The story has the depth that only passion can bring."


The Scraeling cover
The Scraeling is back. Sickened by politics, heartbroken by affairs of state and disgusted by the perfidy of kings, The Scraeling journeys to post-Conquest England in search of all the family he has left.
He snatches Osmund, son of his cousin Penda, from the jaws of Norman justice and joins the fenland rebellion of Hereward the Wake.
 Here, their need for refuge sees the pair giving the occupying Normans all the grief they can handle, until they set out to find "a place that'll take The Scraeling and Penda's brat . . . "
Flaxroots Press said: “There is action aplenty, and the dialogue as given is earthy and vivid. . . . (‘The Scraeling’) is a rollicking good read, especially for those who like their historical fiction raw and action-filled".
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 And they find that place . . .  Fleeing post-Conquest England, The Scraeling and his band take military service in a Constantinople teetering on the edge of revolt. Though he seeks only a quiet life, events won't leave him alone, because one or two real surprises from his 'Landwaster' days in that city turn up to complicate things.
An ageing and gentler Scraeling--'the most dangerous little bugger alive', remember?--looks for a contented and peaceful retirement, having tied up all the loose ends and made everyone happy.

Seriously???. . . well, that's the plan . . .

Flaxroots Press said:  "This is a very entertaining book with a cast of well- drawn characters and a clever plot that hustles the story along with ever-increasing tension."